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Our favourite ways to carry running nutrition
Our favourite ways to carry running nutrition
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Do you ever feel like a pack horse when you head out the door for a long run? Too much gear and not enough places to put it? We have you covered from wearables to hidden pockets in clothing and what are the best pieces of kit to help to carry all the essentials!


Probably my most loved running accessory! Ideal for phones and nutrition and even some extra space for a thin waterproof. The waist band doesn't chafe your skin and stays in place while also not moving around so it feels very comfortable. They come with adjustable waistbands so will fit all sizes and a zip lock to secure items inside. Some of the bumbags have elasticated waistbands and others just adjustable waistbands but both are comfortable. There are waterproof versions too which are ideal if you like running in all conditions or if you get caught in the rain!

Image 5 of 8 of Unisex Performance Black WAISTPACK Men's Bags & Packs
Zoom image of Image 5 of 8 of Unisex Performance Black WAISTPACK Men's Bags & Packs


Many brands have released shorts that you can store all of your nutrition needs in. from side pockets to rear pockets there is plenty of room to stack the fuel. I find the trail running range of apparel really good for pocket space compared to road running apparel but both are great and dependent on what you are looking for. Elastic waistbands are great but I think having a drawstring cord as well incase the shorts start to slip down with the added weight of the nutrition in the pockets is key! Some male and female favourites below!

Ronhill Running, Men's Tech Ultra Twin Short
Zoom image of Image 5 of 8 of Women's Eggplant METARUN SPLIT SHORT Women's Running & Sports Shorts

Sport Bras

Many brands are stepping up their game and finding innovative ways to conceal pockets in clothing! Sports bras are the latest hype. With hidden pockets for handy storage you can be covered on the trails or the road. I'd be wary of storing your phone incase of water/sweat damage but it would be ideal for gels and other nutrition - plus the longer you go the light it will get (hopefully because you are taking on the nutrition). Many have elasticated pockets at the back - perfect for sticking the layers that you shed during a run if you get too hot.

Pink Running Medium-Support Pocket Bra

Hydration Pack

Whether you are training for a marathon, ultra marathon or just heading out for a few days on the trails, a hydration pack can help pack all the essentials that you will need! A hydration pack differs from a running back pack though. They tend to be more suitable for carrying items such as water, gels, electrolytes, lightweight clothing and snacks as opposed to office essentials like a laptop, change of clothes and they tend to be a bit more substantial.

Somethings to bear in mind when getting a hydration vest is the fit (because you want it to be comfortable) and the capacity. A poor fitting pack can cause chafe, digging in and just generally not sitting well on your back. It should be worn high on your back and be a snug fit so that there isn't much movement while exercising. If you do fall between sizes it is best to size up.

And finally the capacity range is between 2-12L. Obviously this very much depends on the distance of run/hike you are likely to be on. So if the run you have planned is quite short, opt for the 2L and if looking to be out for longer go for a 6-12L pack.

VentureElite 4 Vest



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