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Recommended Garmin watches for any runner
Recommended Garmin watches for any runner

Garmin watches range from beginner ones with basic features to advanced watches for pro triathletes - we'll help you choose the one for you

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Benefits of training with a Garmin watch

By pairing your Runna plan with your Garmin watch, you’ll be coached through your workouts live as you run. For example if you’re doing an intervals session, you no longer need to remember and track the specific distances, paces and rests. Instead, your watch will automatically tell you how much further is left to run, what your current pace is and how that compares to your target. It’ll notify you when you need to speed up/slow down and even count down your rests so you know when to start running again. Once you've completed your session, you can then compare your runs against what your Runna plan set you!

For general training, you can use your Garmin watch to track your runs, cycles and other activities (watch dependent) and view all of your fitness data post-workout such as paces, heart-rate and progression.

Supported watches

All watches that support Garmin Coach will support your Runna plan. Please check Garmin’s website for the latest list of compatible watches but we’ve compiled a list via the below article, which was correct at the time of writing.

Recommend watches

Best for: Basic tracking

For an entry level offering, we’d recommend either the Forerunner 45/45S or 55

Best for: Tracking + music

If you’d like to also use your watch to download music from Spotify, we'd recommend the Forerunner 245/255/265 or new Forerunner 165

Best for: Everyday wearing

If you use your watch day-to-day and want features such as Spotify support and Garmin Pay, then we’d recommend the vivoactive 4/4S/5 (the S is the smaller version for thinner wrists)

Best for: Triathletes and running enthusiasts

For more of an advanced watch with triathlon features and navigation during your runs, we’d recommend the Forerunner 945/955/965

Best for: Elites

If you're looking for an elite-looking watch that has all of the bells-and-whistles, try the Fenix 7 (or Epix for the brighter screen) which includes Spotify support, Garmin Pay, Navigation and more

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