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Help! I'm having problems with my Garmin and Runna!
Help! I'm having problems with my Garmin and Runna!

Having trouble with your Garmin Watch connection to Runna? Here's our comprehensive troubleshooting guide!

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If you're having trouble getting your Garmin to sync across with Runna, or accessing your Runna workouts on your Garmin device, then read on for some troubleshooting advice! If it's your first time using your Garmin, and setting this up with Runna, then you may find our companion article here useful to get started!

Compatible Devices

Firstly, please check whether your Garmin watch is compatible with Runna, as most models and versions are, but not quite every one of them! All watches that support Garmin Coach will support your Runna plan. Please check Garmin’s website for the latest list of compatible watches but we’ve compiled a list via the below article, which was correct at the time of writing.

Troubleshooting Garmin Connection Issues

If you've activated the Garmin connection within the Runna app's 'Connect Apps' section and encounter issues—either getting stuck during the authentication process or experiencing a failed connection—please try reconnecting this via the following steps:

  1. Head into the Runna app, and select your Profile in the upper right-hand corner of the Train or Activities Tabs

  2. Choose Connected Apps & Watches then scroll down to Watches

  3. Toggle the Garmin slider to OFF (left)

  4. Toggle the Garmin slider back to ON (right)

  5. Select the Sync to Garmin button

  6. Log in to your Garmin Connect account using the information you use for Garmin (this may be a different email to your Runna email)

  7. Head into your Garmin Connect App and check to see if this has linked across there too!

This procedure often resolves the issue, allowing for a successful connection with Garmin.

My workouts have stopped syncing from Runna to Garmin

If your workouts have stopped syncing to your Garmin account (provided you're signed up to Premium), in your Runna app, please first try switching the Garmin connection off and on again, following the steps from above! This should fix it - if not please get in touch and let us know.​

We'll send across 2 weeks of workouts at a time to your Garmin Training Calendar, so don't be alarmed if you don't see future workouts in there yet! We do this primarily to save storage space within your watch, which can ensure it works to its best! Each Sunday, the next 2 weeks will sync over to Garmin Connect, so you don't have to do anything! Just be sure to resync your watch via Bluetooth, to the Garmin Connect app, and these will automatically populate on your watch!

Sometimes you may find that your Runna workout for the day won't automatically appear when you go to start a run activity. In many cases, this may be due to accidentally skipping this 'prompt', so you can always head back into the Training Calendar on your watch, usually found via Start > Run > Options > Training Calendar > Choose the workout you want to complete here.

I need to manually resync an older workout from a previous week

If you are trying to complete an older workout, or are completing a different week in your Runna plan to the one scheduled for the current calendar date, then you'll need to follow a few steps!

You'll need to first switch across to the week you want to complete in Runna, then let this resync across to your Garmin Connect (which should only take 5 seconds, you can check this via the timestamp shown reading "Synced dd/mm/yyyy at hh:mm" next to the little blue triangle), then head into Garmin Connect and follow the same steps illustrated below to sync this across to your Garmin Calendar.

Once this has synced across, just resync your watch via Bluetooth, to the Garmin Connect app. This will forward the workouts across and then you should also find this similarly within the same menu on your Garmin Watch.

Start > Run > Options > Training Calendar > Choose the workout you want to complete here.

My watch has stopped syncing

Sometimes your Garmin watch will stop syncing with your mobile phone, which, in turn, will stop syncing up the latest workout to your watch. When this happens please open the Garmin Connect Mobile App and click on the Sync icon in the top right. This will re-sync all your latest workouts to your watch.

My workouts have stopped syncing from my Garmin to my Runna app

In this case, this will likely be caused by a poor Wi-Fi signal, mobile connection, or unfortunately an issue on Garmin's side (either your Watch itself, software updates needed or their own servers). If this occurs, please check that your Garmin Connect app is up to date, along with the Firmware on your Garmin Watch. If this is all okay, then try connecting via a strong Wi-Fi signal, checking your Bluetooth connection from your phone to your watch, and click on the Sync icon in the top right within your Garmin Connect Mobile App. If you continue to run into trouble, be sure to contact Garmin's support team via

Other issues

If you have any other issues using your Garmin watch with your Runna plan then don’t hesitate to contact us!

If it’s a problem using your watch, including technical issues, we’ll try and help as much as we can, but you may be required to contact Garmin directly to get support.

Please send our team a message detailing your issue and the steps you've taken so far via the in-app Support tab in Runna! We'll be happy to help you there!

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