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Syncing Runna to your Calendar
Syncing Runna to your Calendar

How to sync all your Runna data to your favourite calendar application

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Through calendar syncing, you can sync the upcoming workouts in your Runna plan and your completed activities across to your favourite calendar app. Anytime you make changes to your plan, or complete a workout, you'll see the events in your calendar updated automatically. Using calendar syncing makes scheduling your Runna workouts effortless and allows you to reflect on all your past runs directly through your calendar!

Runna uses an iCalendar file to keep track of all your events, which means that you can connect Runna to any calendar app that supports iCalendar. We’ve also includes some guides for some well-known calendar apps to make things easier.

Please note, upcoming workouts will be synced to your calendar as all-day events, and you will need to come to the Runna app to make changes to your data. Support for timing on your upcoming workouts will be added in a future version of Runna. Any changes you make can take up to one day to update in your calendar app.

Enabling Calendar Syncing

To connect Runna with your calendar, you first need to enable calendar syncing. To do this, open the Runna app, and head to the Connected Apps & Watches screen. You can access this screen through the Runna home page, or through the Runna Profile screen.

When here, look for the Calendar Syncing toggle under the Scheduling section. Press this toggle, and select Enable Calendar Syncing. Thats it! Calendar syncing has been enabled on your Runna account, and you're now ready to connect to your favourite calendar app!

Choosing Your Syncing Settings

By default, Runna will sync your upcoming workouts and completed activities to your calendar. If you desire, you can chose which type of completed activities sync across to your calendar by selecting one of three options - none, completed plan workouts only, or all completed activities.

To update this setting, go to the Connected Apps & Watches screen, and configure the toggles under Calendar Syncing based on your preference.

Please note, you will need to enable calendar syncing before you can configure these options.

Connecting to Your Favourite Calendar App

Runna stores all of your events in an iCalendar file in the cloud, and syncing with your calendar as simple as subscribing to this file within your calendar app. All major calendar apps support the iCalendar format, and we've included a screen in the app to help you get connected to the most popular ones.

To view this screen, head to Connected Apps & Watches, and select Connect Calendars under Scheduling. Here, you'll find options to get you setup connecting to your phone's calendar (iOS only), Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, as well as an option for if you're using something different. Continue reading below for a step-by-step guide on all of these options.

Connecting to your Phone’s Calendar (iOS only)

If you're using an iOS device, you can connect your Runna calendar directly to Apple calendar. To do this, head to the Connect Calendars screen and press the Connect button next to the Phone Calendar option. This will open Apple Calendar for you, with a URL pointing to your calendar pasted in and ready to go.

Press Subscribe to see a preview of the events in this calendar, and press Add when you're ready to add the calendar to your phone.

Connecting to Google Calendar

To connect to Google Calendar, head to the Connect Calendars screen and select the Google Calendar option. From here, copy the URL at the top of the screen, and press Open Google Calendar.

This will prompt you to log-in with your Google account, and after doing so, you’ll be taken to the calendar import screen in Google Calendar. When here, paste in the URL you copied earlier and press Add Calendar.

Note: You will need to add your Runna calendar to Google Calendar via the web, and cannot do so through the Google Calendar app.

Connecting to Outlook Calendar

To connect to Outlook Calendar, head to the Connect Calendars screen, and select the Outlook Calendar option. From here, copy the URL at the top of the screen, and press the Open Outlook Calendar button.

This will prompt you to log-in with your Outlook account, and after doing so, you’ll be taken to the add calendar screen in Outlook Calendar. When here, select Subscribe from Web and paste in the URL you copied earlier.You’ll now be asked to chose a name, colour and icon for your calendar (the choice is yours), and after doing so, press Import to add your Runna calendar to Outlook.

Note: You will need to add your Runna calendar to Outlook Calendar via the web, and cannot do so through the Outlook app.

Connecting to Other Calendars

If you don’t use Apple, Google, or Outlook Calendar, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

To connect to your chosen calendar app, head to the Connect Calendars screen and select the Other Calendar option. From here, copy the URL at the top of the screen, open your calendar app, and under the ‘add/import calendar’ or ‘subscription’ section, use this URL to subscribe to your Runna calendar.

Note: You may need to access your calendar app via the web to get things setup correctly. If you're having trouble, please reach out to the support team of your chosen calendar app who will be able to provide more guidance.


To disable calendar syncing, head to the Connected Apps & Watches screen, and turn the Calendar Syncing toggle off. Doing this will remove your iCalendar file from the cloud, and Runna will no longer sync your data to it.

Then, to remove your Runna from your calendar, head to your calendar app and unsubscribe from your Runna calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see my calendar app in the 'Connect Calendars' screen - what should I do?

The Connect Calendars screen helps you get connected to some of the most popular calendar apps, but does not list all of them. If you're calendar app isn't shown, just select the Other calendar option and follow the advice there. You will need to copy your calendar URL and paste it into your calendar app. The exact steps will vary depending on which calendar app you are using, and you should reach out to their support for more information if you are struggling to get connected.

My upcoming workouts are showing up as all-day events - why is this?

Currently, Runna does not support timing on our workouts. Because of this, your upcoming workouts will show up as all-day events in your calendar. We are looking to support adding timings to workouts in a future version of Runna.

My calendar isn't showing my latest information - why is this?

Runna uses iCalendar files to store all of your calendar information. We will update your calendar whenever anything changes about your account, but calendar apps will only check for updates every few hours. Typically, we find most calendars have updated within 4-8 hours, but it can take up to a day in some cases. If a couple of days have gone by, and things still don't look right, please get in contact with our support team.

I've turned calendar syncing off in the Runna app, but I'm still seeing Runna in my calendar app?

When you disable calendar syncing in the Runna app, we will delete your calendar from our system, and stop sending updates to it. However, your calendar app might remember the events we have already sent. You may find you are required to delete Runna from your calendar in order to get rid of these events.

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