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Adjusting your estimated current race time
Adjusting your estimated current race time

Your estimated current pace time will impact the pace targets that are set within the app

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The pace targets that are set for you in your Runna plan are based off your estimated current race time (5k/10k/Half-Marathon time) at current week of your plan. For example, if at the start of your plan, you can run a 5k in 25 minutes, this will be used to inform the paces that are set in all of your Runna sessions as well as the estimated race time at the end of your plan if applicable. We automatically progress the pace targets throughout your plan based on your running ability, plan and the number of runs per week that you've selected. If you head to the Manage Plan section of your app, this will be updated each week with the time that we estimate you can currently run at. Feel free to override this at any point (e.g., if you get a new PB).

How do I estimate my current race time if I haven’t raced recently?

If you haven't raced recently, you can use a prediction of your current 5k, 10k or Half-Marathon time. Alternatively, we'd suggest trying to run your fastest 5k now and using that time! If you still can't decide choose one, take a look at your plan and try out some runs and then make adjustments if needed.

If I'm finding the pace targets in my plan too easy or hard what do I do?

If your pace targets are too easy or hard, you can adjust the estimated race time at the current week of your plan. Try to adjust your race time in 30 second increments to bring your paces closer to what you were actually able to achieve. For example, if we set you targets of 5:00/km (8:00/mi), and you were able to do 4:50/km, then adjust your original time in 30 second intervals until the pace targets are 4:50/km. You can adjust by more or less to get the perfect pace targets!

Adjusting your plan for a specific goal race time

If you're training for a new goal, such as a Half-Marathon or Marathon and have a target goal in mind, we want to help you get there! You can view your estimated target time in your 'Plan Introduction' and when clicking on the Race workout from within your Runna plan. It's important to note that this is an estimated time and you could do better or worse than we predict, and that our prediction is assuming good running conditions and a relatively flat road course. We've tried to be conservative where possible to give you the best chance of achieving the fastest time that we estimate for you.

If you're wanting to train for a race time that is faster than what we've estimated for you, you'll need to increase your estimated race time at the current week of your plan. You can either do this when starting your plan (which will make your initial pace targets harder) or during your plan. Some runners like to start off with what they can currently achieve and then really focus on speed sessions, including cross-training, to progress faster than we'd typically expect, meaning they can decrease their target times as they progress through the plan.

Estimated your pace targets can be perhaps the most challenging part of customising your Runna plan, so if you need any help don't hesitate to get in touch!

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