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How is my target race time predicted?
How is my target race time predicted?
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Note: some runners may not see an estimated race time in-app for plans that have unpredictable variables in your chosen race (e.g., terrain, hills).

Your race time prediction is based on the metrics that you've told us, such as your running ability and training schedule as well as all of the data that we've seen from runners just like you.

Please note that this is an estimation and on your race day, you may be faster or slower than we predict. The best thing that you can do is to follow all of the sessions in your plan and assuming that you avoid injury, we'd expect you to finish somewhere in this range.

Lots of Runnas also exceed the range that we predict, so don't feel limited by the race time predictions either.

Adjusting your plan for a specific goal race time

If you're training for a new goal, such as a Half-Marathon or Marathon and have a target goal in mind, we want to help you get there! You can view your estimated target time in your 'Plan Introduction' and when clicking on the Race workout from within your Runna plan. It's important to note that this is an estimated time and you could do better or worse than we predict, and that our prediction is assuming good running conditions and a relatively flat road course. We've tried to be conservative where possible to give you the best chance of achieving the fastest time that we estimate for you.

If you're wanting to train for a race time that is faster than what we've estimated for you, you'll need to increase your estimated race time at the current week of your plan. You can either do this when starting your plan (which will make your initial pace targets harder) or during your plan. Some runners like to start off with what they can currently achieve and then really focus on speed sessions, including cross-training, to progress faster than we'd typically expect, meaning they can decrease their target times as they progress through the plan.

Good luck in your race!

If you'd like more information on adjusting your paces including your target race time, please read our support article on How to adjust your estimated current race time.

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