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Syncing your Runna workouts with Strava
Syncing your Runna workouts with Strava

By syncing with Strava, workouts completed through the Runna Apple Watch app will be added to your Strava profile

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Overview of Strava

Strava is a fitness app for tracking physical exercise which incorporates social network features. On their app, you'll be able to see a log of all of your workouts, progress towards your goals as well as share your runs with other users.

By pairing Runna with Strava, you will be able to both automatically and manually sync workouts recorded using the Runna Apple Watch app or Phone app to Strava. Also, all running workouts uploaded to Strava will be synced back to Runna, so that you can match your completed activities against your plan. This is useful if you are recording with a GPS device that we do not currently support.

Pairing with Strava

To pair your Runna app with Strava, first, head to your Runna Profile and click 'Connected Apps' on the 'Plan Overview' screen to turn on the Strava connection.

When you turn on the Strava toggle you will be prompted to sign in to your Strava Account and then asked to accept permissions.

NB: Please ensure that you have entered the correct login details for your Strava account that you wish to connect with Runna. It's a common occurrence for users to have multiple Strava accounts and accidentally link the incorrect one. Please double-check!
For example, if you use one of the social login options (i.e. Facebook, Google) then Strava will create a new account for you instead of linking to your existing account.

Accept all permissions presented and the toggle will turn on.

Once complete, runs will automatically sync between Runna and Strava.

Manual sync with Strava

If for any reason a run has not uploaded to Strava or you wish to sync a past workout recorded before enabling the connection, we have a manual sync option available. Go to the summary for any recorded workout, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the 'Sync Run' button. This will attempt to upload to Strava. However, one pitfall to be aware of is that Strava will not accept duplicate activity uploads, so if the manual sync process fails, it is likely that you have a similar workout already uploaded to Strava.

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