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Long Run - Run Series 02
Long Run - Run Series 02

What is a 'long run' and why do I do them?

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Just as it sounds, your long run will be the furtherest you run in one go and because it is long, we will only do this once a week. Here we deep dive into the long run!

Purpose of the Long Run

During your long runs, we'll be working on your endurance and ability to pace yourself over large distances. Even if you are training for a 5k race, you still want to build your endurance beyond the 5k mark to help you readily manage the race distance. As a result, you’ll be able to challenge yourself even more when it comes to race day!

How long is long?

The distance of the long run will depend on your running ability and the race distance you are preparing for, but the most important thing is to build your long runs gradually. Your Runna plan will gradually increase your weekly long run to optimise your performance for your race. For most distances, we will work up to the race distance or beyond. The only event we don't do this for is the marathon and beyond.

Benefits of the Long Run

  • It builds endurance and confidence to run further.

  • It's a good time to explore new routes!

  • It is the best run for practicing your race fuelling.

  • It helps improve your pacing and learning not to start off too fast.

  • It can be sociable or give you time to yourself!

Coaches Comments from Anya Culling

There is something different about the weekly long run. It is not just about building endurance and banking time on feet. It is a mental reset and time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The post-run endorphins hit differently after a long run!

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