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Adjusting your preferred unit of measurement
Adjusting your preferred unit of measurement
Runna supports Kilometers, Miles and Treadmill units of measurement. Choose the one that's right for you
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In order to make adjustments to your Runna plan, first tap on 'Manage Plan' on the 'Train' tab. From here you'll be able to make changes to every aspect of your plan, from your running ability to your schedule.

Our plans are currently optimised for km, but we can automatically convert these into miles if you’d prefer. We also convert paces too, so you’d see ‘1.3mi @ 8:00/mi’ rather than ‘2km @ 5:00/km’ for example.

Make sure you set the unit of measurement as your smartwatch, such as your Garmin, so that the paces match up correctly.

If you select the Treadmill options, you will see distances in kilometers or miles and speeds will be in kph or mph.

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