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Swapping Activities Between Weeks
Swapping Activities Between Weeks

We speak to hundreds of Users in our Community who ask us about swapping workouts around in their plans. Here's our advice!

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πŸ”„ How to Swap Activities Between Weeks

Once you've downloaded our app, configured your plan and set out on your first couple of runs, you might want to start planning ahead! Due to the length of some of our plans, it's natural for our Community to want to swap entire weeks (or individual workouts) to later on in their plan.
As it stands, our Users have the freedom to move workouts around within their current week. Simply head to the Activities Tab > Press and hold on the workout that you'd like to move, and drag it to another day! However, moving an activity to another week requires a bit of manual work...

🌴 Moving a Deload Week To When You're On Holiday

Let's take the example of moving your deload week to when you are on holiday.

You may be off to Ibiza and keen to squeeze in a few runs around the island whilst you're there, or embrace true vacation mode and take a break from your plan. If you're swaying towards the latter, switching to your deload week gives your body the opportunity to rest and complete less / no mileage, to fit better around your circumstances. Simply head to your Train Tab and manually mark your runs in your current week as 'complete'. This will allow you to move ahead to your next week, which in this case is now your deload week. You now have the freedom to complete your deload week whilst you are on holiday in Ibiza! Once you get home again, simply go back to your previous week that you swapped out, and complete the runs within the plan to get up to date with your completed sessions.

πŸ” Swapping a Long Run In One Week For Another

Sometimes, the last thing we want to do on a Sunday is a long run. Whilst we always want our Community to push themselves to reach their goals, we understand that sometimes 'life happens'! if you need to swap a long-run in your plan for another week, the advice is very similar to what we have mentioned above.
Identify the run you want to move to another week, and make a mental note of it (you could even make a note of this within the app, underneath the workout). Manually mark that run as complete in your plan by checking the tick box on the right hand side, so you can move forward to the next week in your plan. Decide which run you wish to swap this run with and let that be your shorter, more manageable Sunday run. On the following Sunday please remember that you swapped these out! Progress is progress and it's important to stick to your plan as closely as possible ❀️ .

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Context of your Running Plan is important!

Whilst we're happy to help you shift your runs around to different weeks in your plan, you need to think about where you are in your training block and running journey, and whether moving things around is a good idea or not.

For example; we wouldn't recommend swapping out a 32km long run in your Marathon Plan in the final four weeks if that then eats into your taper. This is a super important part of your plan, where we'll be helping you get your body ready for Race Day! Only giving yourself 1 week to rest before a Marathon isn't recommended, so we'll also push you to keep this part of your plan consistent πŸ’ͺ.

On the flip side! If you're starting a brand new 10k plan and you've managed to complete up to Week 2 in training, it would be a lot more manageable to swap your Sunday long run from week 2 to week 3. As long as you remember to complete both runs! Why is this the case? If you're at the beginning of your plan, your weekly milage is much more manageable and therefore allows for a degree of flexibility in moving things around.

If you're unsure of what to do, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team who will give some more specific advice to you ❀️. We're working towards a new feature that will make adjusting workouts between different weeks easier for you. Keep an eye out for updates!

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