Our most frequently asked questions about using Runna and getting the most out of your running

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Need to pause your plan?Off sick, going on holiday, or need to pause your plan? This article has you covered!
If I miss a run, how should I make up for it?
Can I add an extra run or social run into my plan?
Will my plan work if I live in a hilly area?
I'm having issues syncing my Garmin, what should I do?
Will starting a new plan mean I lose access to my old plan?
How is my target race time predicted?
I'm having issues syncing my Apple Watch, what should I do?If pace and distance are not displaying when recording a workout, or you're having other issues, check this
What is my Runna Score and how is it calculated?
Why does my treadmill data not match what I see in the Runna app?Information on how we process treadmill activity data to make them as accurate as possible
Are your plans suitable for anyone?
How do personal records work in the Runna app?
Why are my activities not syncing to Strava?Common issues and troubleshooting techniques if you're having trouble syncing activities to Strava
Smart Treadmills Compatible with the Runna AppA list of all treadmills compatible with the smart treadmill tracking feature available in the Runna app
Syncing your Fitbit Activities with RunnaBy syncing your Fitbit activities with Runna, you'll be able to see your activities within the Runna app and link them to any Runna workout.
Swapping Activities Between WeeksWe speak to hundreds of Users in our Community who ask us about swapping workouts around in their plans. Here's our advice!
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Inaccurate GPS Data
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